Terms & Conditions

Pura Vida Terms & Conditions

Pura Vida Beach House (“Pura Vida”) agrees to provide the Customer named at the conclusion of these Terms and Conditions (“You”) with access to a Beach House property located at Ilashe Private Beach Resort comprising a living–dining area, fully equipped kitchen, Two master suites and two rooms with individual pools on the lower deck (the “property”).

1. Booking

1.1. Bookings must be made by persons over 18 years old.

1.2. The names and ages of all occupants and proposed users of the property must be provided. A government-issued identification (such as Driver’s licence, National Identity Number, International Passport) and evidence of funds transfer to a Pura Vida designated Bank account must be presented prior to check-in.

2. Payments

2.1. Pura Vida accepts all major credit & debit cards. There is no charge for using a credit card.

2.2. Bookings will be reserved only upon Pura Vida’s receipt of 100% payment for the duration as requested by you and invoiced accordingly. Payment of booking fee and caution deposit indicates that the T and C as well as the rules and regulations of PV are binding on the hirer and all users(which includes guest or invitees)

2.3. Cheques are not an acceptable method of payment. Overseas guests may pay in Pounds Sterling or US Dollars by Mastercard, Visa or by electronic transfer.

2.4. Any charges for payments from overseas will be passed onto you.

2.5. VAT applies to the property rental; it will be included in the quoted price at the prevailing rate. Pura Vida’s charges and VAT inclusive rentals are subject to change if the rate changes according to applicable law.

3. Cancellation

3.1. If you should need to cancel the booking for any reason you must notify Pura Vida in writing via the email address stated in these terms & conditions.

3.2. A 100% refund will be given for any booking cancelled before check in time.

       A 50% refund will be given for any booking cancelled before check in time.

       No refund will be made for cancellations made less than 7 days before check in.

4. Rental Period

4.1. The rental period commences as stated below, unless otherwise notified: a. Day Booking: 11am to 6pm WAT b. Overnight stay: 12 noon to 10 am WAT (next day)

5. Use of Property

5.1. You agree that Pura Vida will be used for personal and domestic purposes only.

5.2. You shall not use the property for any commercial purpose or conduct any form of business and/or paid service on the property. Pura Vida reserves the right to terminate your stay without notice and without refund for a breach of this condition.

5.3.You agree that Pura Vida will not be used for any activity or in such a way as to cause a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours of the property.

6. Occupancy

6.1. No guns/dangerous weapons are allowed in the property and all prop versions or lookalikes of such weapons must be brought to the attention of Pura Vida ahead of your stay.

6.2. Phone and video cameras are allowed, however professional photo / video shoots require prior consent from Pura Vida.

7. Property Care

7.1.You and all members of your party agree to keep Pura Vida and its contents in the same condition and repair as found on your arrival. Please refer to the property’s inventory for a list of all items included in the property.

7.2. If either you or any of your party by act or omission cause damage to Pura Vida and or its contents you agree to pay Pura Vida upon written demand any reasonable costs incurred in making good any such loss or damage.

7.3. Please note you will not be charged for the odd broken glass or cup however charges will be made for any damage to the property or its contents or if any additional cleaning costs are incurred.

7.4. You must ensure that Pura Vida is left in a reasonably clean & tidy state on your departure. Pura Vida may charge you for the cost of any additional cleaning should this be deemed necessary.

8. Smoking

8.1. You or your party are not permitted to smoke in the interior parts of the property i.e. the bedrooms.

8.2. Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor areas of the property i.e. the patio or pool area.

8.3. At the departure date no sign of smoking shall be evident in the interior parts of the property otherwise a charge may be made to you to rectify the effects of members of your party smoking indoors.

9. Pets

9.1. Pets are permitted as long as Pura Vida management has been made aware at the point of booking and any potential damage to the property emerging as a result of such Pet(s) will be charged to you prior to exit.

10. Refund Policy

 10.1 Customers are required to make a #200,000 refundable caution fee deposit for each booking.

10.2 An extra #50,000 per hour will be charged as a disruption fee if check-out time is not adhered to.

10.3 Cost of any damage caused by the client, guest, or vendors will be deducted from the caution fee deposit paid by the client, and the client will be informed before deduction is made.

10.4 The balance of caution fee(if any) will be refunded to the client within 5 working days of your checkout date.

10.5 In any case where the cost exceeds the caution fee,, the client will be required to pay the excess to Puravida within 7 days of being informed.

11. WIFI

11.1. Pura Vida bookings include Wi-Fi for its guests.

11.2. However, no warranty is given as to the speed of the Wifi service nor its reliability.

11.3. The Wifi service is provided with the expectation that speeds/data allowance may be limited and no compensation will be given as a consequence of slow speeds/over consumption of data usage. Wifi may not be available at all times and is provided for pleasure and not business purposes.

12. Personal Belongings/ Lost Property

12.1. Pura Vida does not accept any liability in relation to any damage to, or loss of your personal property and belongings except where such damage or loss is caused by the negligence of Pura Vida.

12.2. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate holiday insurance cover. Lost property that has been found/recovered will be returned to you, however, you will be asked to cover the cost of postage & packing.

12.3. Pura Vida does not accept responsibility for the safe carriage of any items returned.

13. Sublease or Assignment

13.1. You agree not to sublet or assign your allotted time on the property to another individual or entity without Pura Vida’s written consent.

14. Complaints Procedure

14.1. Should you need to raise a complaint during your stay please contact Pura Vida to allow us the opportunity to investigate. Please give full details on email/via a physical form and Pura Vida will ensure that your complaint is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

14.2. Under no circumstances will compensation be made for complaints raised after the occupancy has ended if the customer has not informed Pura Vida of their complaint nor given them the opportunity to resolve the issue during their occupancy.

15. Liability & Compensation

15.1. Pura Vida does not accept responsibility or pay compensation for failure to perform any of its obligations if such failure results from events, circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control. However, in the event of an interruption to the water supply, electrical appliances or electricity supply, Pura Vida reserves the right to issue a partial refund depending on the severity of such interruption adjudged on a case-by-case basis.

15.2. Pura Vida shall have no liability for any death or personal injury unless this results from the negligence of Pura Vida.

15.3. You are indemnifying Pura Vida and hold Pura Vida harmless against any and all claims of personal injury, property damage, or loss arising from the use of the premises regardless of the nature of the accident, injury or loss.

15.4. The use of amenities, where offered, such as swimming pools, hot tubs/Jacuzzi, Quad Bikes, dance pole, beach rooms is entirely at your risk and no responsibility can be accepted by Pura Vida for injury, or loss or damage to your belongings.

16. Governing Law

16.1. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Any dispute arising from its interpretation or applicability shall be settled by reference to a court having jurisdiction in Nigeria. Please Sign and provide your information below if you agree to be bound by the above Terms and Conditions.